Bible-based addiction recovery material
to support your ongoing spiritual growth.

Journey to Recovery Through Christ: CASA's 12-Step Study Bible

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The New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs from the New American Standard Bible; recovery annotations by Don Umphrey; editor, David "Buck" Griffith.

Audience: People who are seeking help because they have an addicted loved one or addicted individuals.

Info: May be used in conjunction with My Son: Addict—Finding Hope for Him and Peace for Me. Includes: More than 600 questions for self-examination or group study. A Step Overview for each of the 12 steps. 117 Step Reflections that connect step information to Bible passages. 63 Recovery Insights tied to verses aimed at additional spiritual growth. An Introduction tracing the roots of addiction to the Garden of Eden. A chapter detailing the origin of the steps and their biblical basis. Cross references throughout.

529 pages in a 6" by 9" format, soft cover - Retail price $19.95

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